No Sew Farmhouse Pedestal Sink Skirt

As I prepare to share more of our 1914 Farmhouse in the coming weeks.. I am sharing fun and easy smaller projects that can make a big impact in the overall bigger picture of the room. Today I am sharing this simple, and ridiculously easy skirt. But when you are sick of looking at a pretty guest bath, but with the even prettier plumbing showing- you take an hour and hide it!!
I love the legs to this pedestal sink... So I made sure to show them off.

First measure from one wall side, to the front, to the other wall side. And of course your height. Leave an allowance for the hem.
Wanting this to be fast and also not wanting to sew- I used Heat Bond adhesive tape. It is super easy to use. Iron all of the fabric free of creases while you do this step!!
Make sure apply the Velcro to the correct side- yes I applied it first time to the wrong side. Also depending on how heavy your fabric is, you might want to hot glue it on for extra durability and strength.
See... plumbing isn't all that pretty.
Adhere the other side of the velcro to the inside lip area of your sink. I went around the back of the legs so that they could "show off"

You can see the full post at the link below. Tomorrow I am showing off one of the fireplaces.. Thank you!!
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