Meet My New And Improved Lamps

Remember I found these late in the day at a yard sale that I almost didn't stop at because of nowhere to park, but did, and there they were. I couldn't believe no body else wanted them. :). I love their shape, always have, and they were in great shape ( I thought. More about that later )
This is what they looked like BEFORE
I posted their picture and asked you all if I should paint them turquoise or black and almost everyone, not all, said turquoise. I was really glad because that's what I was going to do anyway but it's always nice to have opinions that agree with you, right? Here they are, all done.
Ok, about the "later", the fabric shades all but disintegrated when I vacuumed them. They look ok from a distance but up close, STRINGS. SO, I am off to Pinterest to check out ideas for lampshades.

I love my lamps, hope you all like them too.
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