Tripper Box Makeover

2 Materials
2 Hours

Tripper box/power box.....Every house has these are they are mostly disrupting the decor in the house..ha ha.

Not to worry, we can always come up with ways to give them a makeover from their boring, dull self.

I have been slowly turning my house decor to Boho vibe and I got this idea to add a painting on the wall. And it struck me suddenly to use the tripper box as the canvas. So here's what I did.

Its a super simple project but instantly changes the look and feel of the wall.

Step 1: Remove the door of the tripper box.

Step 2: Give a coat of primer or white paint on the doors.

Step 3: Outline the pattern you want to paint.

Step 4: Use neutral color palette. Add some baking soda to the paint to give it a some texture.

Step 5: Paint the pattern. I used shades of brown and dusky pink.

Step 6: We have two boxes, so I continued the landscape on to the other door and painted the same.

Tats all, and look at the makeover. Isn't it great !

I placed a plant right below and a vase and this space looks absolutely gorgeous.

Check out the detailed video tutorial for this project.

Suggested materials:
  • Paints   (craft store)
  • Baking soda   (kitchen)
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  • Judi Judi 6 days ago

    Great idea! Beautiful picture!