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About a week ago we came back from our family beach vacation. During the week walking on the beaches I picked up shells concentrating on small ones because I had a project in mind. Back at the beginning of the year when I was lucky to visit Hometalk, I received a frame to decorate however we wanted. I had been waiting for the right time and this was it!
My shell frame.
I first painted the natural wood frame with some sand colored sample I had laying around. I admit I used my blow dryer to speed up the proces.
Painted frame
I started picking the shells and laying them out in a pleasing arrangement until I was satisfied. Glue gun in hand I proceeded to glue the shells on one by one.
Glue on edges that will touch frame
Don't get carried away and press the shell hard because you may break it.
Broken shell
After I finished all around, I looked to see gaps to fill with smaller shells.
Pretty pleased with my little frame from our week at the beach! It looks great!
Now I can keep the memories right on display! I love the beachy look!
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  • Patsy Erichsen Patsy Erichsen on Jul 23, 2021

    I picked up so many shells during my Europe tour. So, I have to turn these beauties into a decoration frame to give my friends a gift. Thanks for the inspiration I have been looking for. These shells had been stored for months, and I couldn't decide what I can do with them. I'm the kind of person, that can hardly make a decision. Before doing something, I have to do a lot of research. This happened with my last Europe tour vacation. I couldn't really decide which company tour I have to choose. This article helped me to make it clear.

  • Kyle Kyle on Jun 13, 2022

    This frame with shells turned out to be very beautiful and unusual. I really like it. I never had the patience for such creative things. This, of course, upsets me. The next week we rented Noosa holiday houses for a family trip. This train promises to be very fun and exciting. Holidays in a big company are always very cool. Well, I also plan to collect shells on the beach. I liked your idea with the frame so much that now I want one for myself too. I will try my best to find patience and time for this.

    • Ana Bacallao Ana Bacallao on Jun 16, 2022

      thank you. It's actually still holding up pretty well (I had to reglue a couple that fell off)!