Vintage Bread Box Revival

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We recently purchased an older cottage and therefore inherited some vintage items within it such as this bread box. Because it was in great condition I knew I had to repurpose it for something.
First I cleaned it well with warm water and dish liquid to remove any grease and dust.
The interior had a mental shelf that I removed for more aggressive cleaning with a magic eraser and scrub pad, you'll see it later.
This was the primer paint I used, it is very runny but effective when switching from oil to water based paints.
I removed the decal and the knob for the painting part of the project.
The sides and top I just used a small bottle of silver craft paint, I applied 3 coats for sufficient coverage. * Those aresponsible glass gems glued to magnets because this can serve as a post it spot now as well because it's a metal box!
Side by side comparison of before and after, I spray painted the interior with a close shade of green paint that I had. Sorry, I don't have a pic but it was Valspar Paint + Primer in the color Leafy green.
This was the black paint you saw, a neat little crock I found in a general store, it applied great and worked well.
This is my finished look with the knob and decal put back on along with chalk written words to give you the idea and a set of magnets I purchased .
Aren't they beautiful? Handcrafted in Nova Scotia, Canada! Hope you enjoyed my bread box makeover, it's now a storage unit in my craft room!

Suggested materials:

  • Stix Bonding Primer   (Hardware store)
  • Chalkboard paint   (General store)
  • Valspar Spray Paint   (Canadian Tire)
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