What to Do With Old Foam Letters.

Cindy Darsey Chadwell
by Cindy Darsey Chadwell
2 Materials
2 Hours
You know those foam mats that have the alphabet and numbers on them? We had one for our daughter and I just found it to be a dirt magnet, so I bagged them and put them away intending to donate them. Then a paint challenge was issued and I decided I could use them! The colors weren't right for what I needed so... off to Walmart and the crazy section we went.
I pulled all the letters and numbers out of the mat pieces.
Bought paint in cute tropical colors, I think these were less than a dollar each.
Here are the letters painted. They will be going up on a wall in her playroom in a scrabble like ensemble. The letters spell out jump, play, dance,fun, etc... ** I did have to use more than one mat.
This is the blank wall they will be going on lol. I can't get them up until my husband is availlet I help as even with a ladder I'm too short. 😂😂😍
Suggested materials:
  • ABC foam mat   (I had one on hand and bought another at a resale shop for $5)
  • Paint. I bought 5 bottles for roughly $5   (Walmart)
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