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So we are working on what we call our Café room, here is our sign.. Which I had started out and planned as a small shelf..
My Cat Relic helping me with the wood and the spindles that I was going to use.
My Cat Relic helping me some more!
free hand painting.
My cat Luna ( Relic's brother) helping me do some free hand painting, and being my seat warmer.

At this point I had painted over the words and flowers that would be back ground paintings on the completed sign.
Another angle
I painted the legs to look like vines were climbing the and the vine actually continues on the corner and under the shelf - that became a sign.
The sign resting on its legs before we knw it would become a sign
The sign on the stand my hubby made and I painted brown and bronze.

This was all made out of wood we already had, the spindles are left over from doing our railing on the basement step, and the wood was actually a leftover - not yet cut to size stair topper.

My cost: $0
Suggested materials:
  • 12" x 40" piece of left over wood.
  • Paint ( I had)
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  • Judy Thurston Judy Thurston on Jan 22, 2017
    Its pretty, but what if i cant paint very good? And what kind of wood did you use to make it with? Where could i get the paint at? I dont have a railing? Please Reply back ASAP! Thank-you!

  • Judy Thurston Judy Thurston on Jan 22, 2017
    Teresa, I think i have some plywood from a old wheelchair ramp that i cant use because its old? Do you think that will work or not, i loved how your 2 cats were helping you, they are beautiful cats? I have 2 cats to, one is a tigar/maincoon mixed and our other one is a calico/tiger mixed? What kind are your cats? Our 2 cats are female indoor cats, Please Respond back ASAP! Thank-You!

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