How to Make a Rustic, Moss Chalkboard

This post is all about how to make your own rustic, moss chalkboard! It’s an inexpensive and easy project that I know you’ll love making for your own home! Plus, you can make it in less than an hour! Score!
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First, I’d like to point out where all this inspiration came from, which occurred when I was prepping for a live video tutorial on HomeTalk’s Facebook page. The focus was on how to make a “DIY, Pottery-Barn Inspired Moss Letter,” and you can learn how to make one yourself by clicking here.
The pic below is what I bought at my local Goodwill. This glass frame was the base for my chalkboard.
Start with a few preparations: heat your hot-glue gun, clean the glass, and remove it from the frame. Follow the directions on your paint can, or do what I do….Before opening the paint, make sure the lid is on real tight, and give it a good shake to insure that the paint is mixed really well.
Next, spread a few, thin layers of the chalkboard paint onto the glass. This step will take a little patience. Trust me….I’ve had to learn the hard way. If you don’t let the paint dry in between each coat, it will pull up and off the glass at random spots, and it’s just a pain to have to keep fixing that problem. So, if you just give it a little patience, you’ll save yourself a lot of headache. 😉
(The above photo is how the paint looks after the first coat.)
(The above photo is how it looks after a few layers.)
While the paint’s drying in between coats, work on your moss frame.
The directions are really easy, so pay attention or you’ll miss it! 😉 Tear apart your moss into little pieces, and then add strips of hot glue to your frame. Quickly add your moss, while the glue’s hot, and then press down the moss using your plastic fork. Easy peasy!
Now that your frame is covered in moss, you’re ready to add the chalk-painted, glass insert into the frame!
All you have to do now is “season” the chalkboard. Take your chalk, rest it on its side, and slide it from side to side, completely covering the chalkboard.
Then, take a napkin or cloth and gently wipe all the chalk off, giving your chalkboard a “rustic” look.
Now that you’ve seasoned your chalkboard, it’s time to add the pretty details. 😉 Get creative on this one! You can add some fun garland, like the one resting on the frame in the pic below -- click here for that tutorial, and then use your leftover chalk to spell out a meaningful word, such as “family,” “gather,” “home,” or the current season! Or even try out some stickers! I placed some stickers onto the chalkboard as a tester (click the link below to see that idea). Another fun way to accessorize is to use a stencil and some liquid chalk.
So, what do you think about this diy, moss-covered chalkboard? Do you have any other ideas as to how to use moss in your own home? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below, or stop by my social media and say hey! You can find me on Pinterest, Instagram, HomeTalk and Facebook!
To see more details on this project and to receive a full list of supplies needed, click the link below, which will take you directly to my tutorial!

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