How to Transfer Letters on a Chalkboard

2 Hours
This is my first attempt at a nice chalkboard writing and it was a great project to do!
I love chalkboard art but my handwriting is just horrendous and free handing lettering is my worst nightmare. After this project chalk lettering by hand doesn’t intimidate me so much any more.
I decided to turn an old platter into a chalkboard and used it as a Christmas sign.
I knew it would be a perfect piece of holiday decor!
So for those who have horrendous handwriting like mine I’ve discovered a way to get nice chalkboard lettering!
I just printed out this super cute „joy to the world“ Christmas sign.
First I painted my old platter with some chalk paint and turn it into a chalkboard.
Print out lettering for my chalkboard, super cute „joy to the world“ Christmas sign.
Rub the back of design with chalk and stick down the design on a chalkboard with some tape.
I used a pen and traced design letters on a chalkboard.
Removed the paper and filled the chalk outline with a white marker.
Wiped the whole thing down with a wet paper towel.
And here it is! Hope you like it and find this tutorial useful! :)
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