A New Series of RedeemWood Recycled Pallet Wood Art Canvases!

Each pallet wood canvas is personally handmade by me of discarded wood shipping pallets. These pallets are disassembled and I individually select each board that goes into the wood canvas.
Given the nature of pallet wood the characteristics and species of the wood vary from canvas to canvas and make each piece a unique one of a kind canvas. This creates amazing character and a great look.
Additionally, nail holes, screw holes, weathering, and scratches are all common features of pallet wood, and all part of the art.
Most artists incorporate the grain and characteristics into the art piece while others just enjoy the fun and unique wood surface.
I sand and seal the pallet wood with water based sanding sealer and 2 coats of water based exterior ploy that also contains a UV protection. These water based finishes are environmentally friendly and very low in VOC.
The joint attachments between each board are hidden. The back of the canvas is flat with no screws or attachment boards so that they are easily mounted on the wall or can converted into furniture such as table tops.
I do this by biscuit joining and gluing each individual piece at specific intervals. It took numerous trial and error processes to create a canvas that I feel confidant will endure the test of time. You can see this uniquely clean and strong process on the item you have purchased!
I finish them slightly different for charcoal or pencil compared to acrylic, oils or water colors so I always need to know the medium being used in advance.
I have worked pretty thoroughly with artists of these various mediums to get the best surface possible, but I always striving to improve my product and welcome input and requests for a unique surface finish for your particular artistic needs. You can easily reach me at RedeemWood@gmail.com.

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