DIY Miniature Garden

1 Hour
Hello everyone! Do you have a balcony or a porch where you relax on Sundays drinking your coffee and watching the birds? How about a cute miniature garden to add to your well being?
You can also use this inside your home or to decorate your large scale garden : ) I hope you find this idea helpful and get to try recreating this mini garden.
-Plant Pot + Soil
-White Spray Paint
-Decorative Stones
-Barbecue Sticks and Matches
-Glue Gun
-Jar Cap
-Moss +any plant that resembles a tree
For creating the mini chairs, I used some small candle containers. With a patterned scissors I cut them to half of their height. You can use a regular scissors for this too. Then I glued with a hot glue gun 4 match sticks inside the 4 corners of the container to form the chair legs. Then glued 2 sticks on top. Removed the tip of 3 match sticks, and glued them perpendicular, on top of the other two.
For creating the mini table, I used 4 barbecue sticks that I broke in half, and a jar cap. Used the hot glue gun to attach the sticks to the inside of the cap, in 4 corners.
For creating the mini fence and mini ladder, I used the remaining halfs of the barbecue sticks and match sticks. Glued them together perpendicular on top of each other like in the pictures.
I used a white spray paint to cover them all in paint: the chairs, the table ,the fence, the ladder but also some decorative stones and the plant pot (because I couldn't find a white version at the store so I had to paint them as well)
Then I planted my mini tree, sprayed some water and added the moss.
Then I started to arrange all of the furniture pieces. I even created a mini vase, from a glue stick cap, and some dried flowers, that I glued on the mini table. I also had a mini terracotta pot, with red flowers from my other tutorials. It's basically made from toothpicks and red napkins.
And that's it! You are done!

For understanding better the steps you can check out my video tutorial bellow, and you can also subscribe to my Youtube channel for more videos:
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  • Pam Davis Pam Davis on Jul 09, 2017
    Very cute but could someone explain to me what plant boil means? Never heard of it. Thanks!

  • Pam Davis Pam Davis on Jul 09, 2017
    Hi, what is a plant boil?

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