DIY Plant Watering Bottle “Jersey Girl Knows Best”

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5 Minutes

We were preparing for vacation and I did not want all my hard work of planting and watering my plants everyday to go to waste, so I created a simple plastic water bottle solution. I hope this even helps with your day to day watering 💦 Ready?! Let’s do this!

I used a larger bottle to keep my plants watered for a week.

Be very careful! I did not hold the bottle cap. I probably should have used a cutting board underneath it, but all I did was I pushed the knife down into the bottle cap to create slits in it.

I cut about 6 slits into the bottle cap. I only want the water to trickle down into the plant pot.

Once I added the cap onto the lid, you can see the water starting to trickle out, but not poring out.

And into my plant bed it goes! It definitely was worth it and I had the bottles on hand so it worked out perfectly! I hope this post saves you time watering your plants or some ease of mind when you are away from them.

Suggested materials:

  • Empty water bottle   (Home)
  • Knife   (Home)

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  • Donna B King Donna B King on Aug 01, 2021

    Dynamite idea! I’m going to try this! I plan to melt a few very small holes in my lid with by heating a tiny nail & then using that to melt holes in the lid. I do this all the time to make holes in plastic things. I have a gas range, so I just take a pair of needle nose pliers & hold the nail, size of choice in the flame till it’s red hot. Then I melt my hole.

  • Marcia Marcia on Aug 03, 2021

    Do you have to put a small air hole in to prevent a vacuum forming so no water will flow out?

  • Hol51299359 Hol51299359 on Sep 08, 2021

    If water bottle is placed into the dirt, cap down, wouldn’t the dirt clog up the water from coming out?


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  • Lori Lori on Aug 08, 2021

    This sounds like a great economical, efficient, and time saving ideal. I will try this at home for now. No travel plans yet.

  • Bol51914632 Bol51914632 on Aug 29, 2021

    Awesome idea! I will use this idea for watering when it gets very hot and/or smoky from the wild fires. Maybe I'll be able to bring some dried up plants back to life! 😁👍️