Concrete Leaf Project: How to Create a Unique Downspout Drainage Idea

Have you ever thought about turning a simple rhubarb leaf into a stunning garden feature?

Let me show you how I created an incredible downspout drainage idea using concrete leaves.

This project is perfect for those looking to add a personal touch to their outdoor space while improving water drainage.

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Tools and Materials:

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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Concrete Rhubarb Leaves

1. Preparing the Leaf Mold

First, make a small pile of dirt in your garden.

Creative garden water management

Place a garbage bag on top of it.

Functional leaf sculpture ideas

Take a fresh rhubarb leaf and place it vein side up on the garbage bag.

Decorative downspout solutions

This setup will serve as the mold for your concrete leaf.

How to make concrete rhubarb leaves

2. Mixing the Concrete

Next, mix a bag of ready-mixed concrete according to the directions on the box.

Unique downspout water collection

Aim for a peanut butter-like consistency to ensure it's ready to use.

Concrete leaf art for drainage

Concrete leaves require a well-mixed concrete to hold the shape and details of the rhubarb leaf.

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3. Applying the Concrete

Brush canola oil onto the rhubarb leaf to prevent the concrete from sticking.

Garden drainage improvement

Spread the concrete mixture over the leaf using a trowel until it is about 1 inch thick.

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This thickness ensures durability for your downspout drainage idea.

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4. Reinforcing with Wire Mesh

Cut some wire mesh to fit over the concrete-covered leaf.

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Place the mesh on top of the concrete to add strength.

Sculptural leaf designs

Then, add another 3/4 inch layer of concrete over the mesh.

Artistic garden accents

Use a piece of scrap wood to tamp it down, smoothing it out with the trowel.

Concrete leaf sculpting

5. Shaping and Drying

Lift the edge of the garbage bag and move the dirt around the edges to create a form.

Home improvement crafts

Let the concrete leaf dry for 12 hours.

Create stunning downspout ideas with concrete leaf sculptures

Afterward, flip it over and let it dry in the sun with the rhubarb leaf side up.

Outdoor decor project

The sun will help dry out the leaf, making it easier to scrape off later.

Downspout water collection project

6. Assembling the Downspout Path

Once your concrete leaves are completely dry and the rhubarb leaf has been removed, it's time to assemble them.

Place the small leaf below your gutter, followed by the medium, and then the large leaf at the bottom. This setup creates a beautiful and functional downspout water path.

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Decorative downspout ideas

Downspout Drainage Ideas: Concrete Leaf Tutorial

This project not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a unique artistic element to your garden. Have fun creating and customizing your own designs!

Gorgeous and easy to make downspout idea

Don't forget to share your experiences and photos in the comments!

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  • Amy109442125 Amy109442125 5 days ago
    Where do I find Rhubarb leaves this big in bulk?
    • Shelly Shelly 4 days ago
      Be ready to make your cement in the spring or fall when you cut your rhubarb for pies or freezer. Or ask a friend or neighbor who will be using their rhubarb. You’ll have plenty of leaves and different sizes.
  • Aprile Aprile 5 days ago
    You could also use Elephant Ears