My Townhouse Backyard Makeover

by San1665880
When I purchased my townhouse two years ago, the backyard was an overgrown eyesore. I removed all the bushes and trees, dug up 5 stumps myself 💪 and had 2 stumps ground professionally only because they whipped me!😖 So I had a clean grassy yard for a year and a half. My daughter, a landscape designer, designed my backyard. She came home one weekend and she, my son and I got the shovels out and started digging. we were able to finish the first phase which was the paved patio area. Every weekend afterward I worked diligently until I finished my backyard. I can't believe how beautiful it is!!!
Phase One
Step 1:
Dug 6 inches deep area for patio (Had a trailer load of dirt removed!!)
20 bags of play sand
Level pavers
Filled cracks with pebbles
Agapanthus by the fence
One adagio miscanthus in the corner
Brown mulch
Three pots with soft touch holly
Pond pebbles
Step 2:
Removed lots of dirt to level area!💪
Two limelight hydrangea
Three boxwood
Three popcorn drift roses
Brown mulch
Wesley, my supervisor giving approval of Step 2!

Step 3:
Removed lots of dirt to level area! 💪
One limelight hydrangea
Three boxwood
Four agapanthus
Three popcorn driftroses
Two adagio miscanthus
Brown mulch
Wesley giving approval of Step 3!
Step 4:
Removed more dirt!💪
St. Augustine sod
Five pots with sky pencil holly
Pond pebbles

Phase 2:
Step 1:
Hired contractor to add columns to the balcony and paint.
(While I stained three panels I had ordered from Home Depot to make a screen to hide my air conditioner unit. I only used two because there has to be room for proper ventilation.)
Hmmm..what to do with the leftover panel?💡
I had nowhere to put my Worx battery powered lawnmower, Worx blower, and Worx weed eater. So I purchased a potting table on Amazon and...
I attached the third panel to the front of the potting table!
Perfect storage for my mower, blower, and weed eater!
I purchased tables and chairs from

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  • Dorothy Lane Dorothy Lane on Apr 03, 2020

    I like the look of the area that your table and chairs are on. Can you post another picture showing more detail of the way you laid the pavers?

  • Jodie Jodie on Apr 03, 2020

    This is just lovely! I, too, have a small area, and definitely will attempt your "dining" area.....very, very nice