Organic Raised Garden Boxes

Organic Gardening on this project started with the design of raised garden planting boxes. Garden boxes were constructed from red juniper. A cedar fence and gate were also installed around the planters to prevent critters from "harvesting the fruits". 100% certified organic soil and compost was used to create a true organic gardening experience. Organic seed of kale, swiss chard, basil and spinach were planted in the spring and you can see how well they grew in that great soil. Various fruit trees and blueberry bushes, tolerant to cooler northeast temperatures, were planted to provide late-summer and fall fruits. This summer season provided an excellent harvest of blueberries and apples!
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  • Lisa Lisa on Feb 28, 2014
    How big is the garden space? This looks like it would work in my yard. We just bought the house in November, so I still have to wait out the seasons to know my Sun/shade ratio. But I really like the raised beds. Blueberries would be a bonus. We are also near a lake, although not as close as you. I wonder about the reality of growing blueberries with a relatively high water table.

  • There are two raised planters: measuring 5' wide x 10' long. Providing about 100-SF of garden space. We set them at a height of 32" so the homeowners could sit on the sills to weed and garden. This year we added multiple raised planters for blueberries and raspberries. You have to mix a blend of sand, soil and compost for the blueberries. You can find mix ratios on line. Blueberries need acidic soil. Sometimes we use pine needles as mulch around the bushes. You may also want to put bird netting around the blueberries so the birds don't get all of the ripe berries.

    • Lisa Lisa on Mar 07, 2014
      Thanks for the info. This will definitely be on my To Do list!