Planting Strawberries and Caring for Your Plants

Planting strawberries might be the easiest chore in the garden. Those plants are so hardy I doubt you’ll manage to kill them even if your thumbs aren’t so green!

In fact, if you are not careful, some strawberry plants might take over your entire garden!
Growing fruit on the homestead can be a tricky business. Most of the fruit plants you’ll plant, whether it’s a tree or a vine or a bush, will take a few years to produce a suitable harvest.

Sometimes you are not even sure if you’ll stay at that specific homestead for a few years. When we lived in the city, I didn’t even bother planting fruit trees because it was clear to me that that house was not our forever place. I kept thinking why bother, by the time the trees start to produce, we will probably be gone…

If this is your situation, or if you just aren’t too strong in the patience department (like me…), there are a few things you can do, and one of them is planting strawberries!

They grow fast, you can have fruit in the first season although you’ll benefit from not letting them produce fruit so fast, we will talk about this later, you can plant them in a container or hanging baskets, so they can go with you wherever you might end up moving, or you can plant them in the ground and dig out some of the plants or direct the runners to root in a pot that you can take with you (I’ll also show you haw to do this in this post).

So come on to the blog to see how to plant strawberries and learn how to take care of your plants!

Lee @ Lady Lee's Home
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