From Ugly Desk to Pretty Nightstand Dresser

No one wanted this desk-
not even if it was free!
I have to confess that when I bought it a few years ago for $5 I hated it too but I needed a sewing and craft table so it had to do. This ugly heavy desk has been an eyesore in my house for the last couple years and hubby was about to take it to the dump a month ago because he was tired of being the one stuck with it for his desk. So a month ago I started on hubby's office and put the ugly desk on Craiglist for $5. Then $1. Then free.
Not one person asked about it after a month!
After my son called me and asked if I had any furniture for his apartment. (He said no way to the ugly desk too) I knew I had to transform this desk into something useful and pretty because I could not throw away a solid piece of furniture.
Inspiration struck. Waited for hubby to get home and asked him to drag it outside so I could cut the desk up. Grumbling and rolling his eyes when I told him I was going to use the circular saw and make it into a nightstand, hubby and son dragged the thing down the stairs and out the door. That day I got to work cutting the desk in two.
I did not want to spend any money so I went through the garage and found leftover textured wallpaper, metallic spray paint, and Granite colored spray paint. I took days to figure out a color for the desk because the laminate top was brown with strips of a gray. I tried to paint the laminate but the paint peeled off. I was getting nowhere and then as I was frustrated and leaned over I realized that my gray shirt looked good on the laminate top. Woohoo! I found the color so off to Home Depot I went.
If you want to read more, hop on over to my little blog for more of the story and pics of how I did this. Have a great day!
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The finished nightstand dresser which may end up at son's new apartment
I love my circular saw for things like this
The desk was a mess
I used painter's tape before I cut through the laminate
Solid drawers
It was very hard to try to match the wallpaper pattern but I think it looks pretty
The Garden Frog with C Renee
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