Romantic Shabby Chic Letter Desk

I found this old nasty looking antique letter desk on my local listings, after looking at it for a bit I decided to buy it! My apologies, I forgot to take before or during pics! I liked the drop door on the top and since I'm on an oil painting kick I thought a flower bouquet will be awesome.
I started by cleaning the piece inside and out, it was filthy! I lightly sanded and dusted it. I got spray primer and primed the piece well. I wanted the piece to be feminine so I went with pink. I have never used pink on a piece of furniture before, to be honest I was a little petrified of the colour but I thought if I didn't like it I can always repaint it !
I mixed my own paint for this piece. I used Behr paint and calcium carbonate mixed together for the chalky effect, I did 2 coats, sanding between each one. I also painted the inside. After it dried I realized that one of the back boards was broken and needed to be replaced, instead of replacing the board I decided to take the rest of the boards off and replaced them with a mirror.
I lined the bottom of the cubbyholes with a vintage wallpaper for a neat clean look. I used a silk cord to go around the mirror just to finish the inside. When I was replacing the boards with the mirror in the back of the piece I had a light bulb moment, I thought I should have an antique mirror for the bottom door insert on the front of the cabinet but since I didn't have a mirror I did it my self. I got a piece of glass from an old frame and cut it to fit the insert on the door, I cleaned well and let it dry. I used Rust-Oleum mirror effects and a mixture of 2/3 of a cup of vinegar and 1/3 cup of water. Spray the mirror effects to give the glass an even coat, spay with the vinegar mixture, let it dry, it dries really fast, 5 to 10 min after it dried blot the vinegar/ water mixture with paper towels.
I started to wax the piece with clear wax but it looked too new and bright. I made a glaze with one teaspoon of dark wax with a little mineral spirits unti it was runny. I used it on the little carving thingies and on the whole piece. Then I thought I should use a little subtle sparkle so I mixed some gold gilding wax with mineral spirits and rubbed it here and there. The oil painting on the top door was painted mostly with a palet knife. I used multi faceted crystal knobs.
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  • Ann7893459 Ann7893459 on Jul 13, 2016
    You make it sound so easy! How many hours of work did it take? It really is beautiful. Love your flower painting .

    • Rochelle Hughes Rochelle Hughes on Jul 14, 2016
      Thank you for your reply! I'm not sure how long it took me to do! I'm horrible at losing time when I get going on a project. I'm guessing it took me a couple of days working on and off.

  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Jul 14, 2016
    So elegant, I love this