Turn a Placemat Into a Charging Holder for Your Tablet or Kindle

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This was a labor of love but turned out to be just what I needed. With just three place mats, you can do this too!
I have a chair that eats things like remotes, scissors, and Kindles. Yep, you read that right. When I sit and charge the Kindle it has to be on the floor. I once thought the cable kid had stolen it as it had slid down into the side of the cushion
So... I bought 3 used place mats for .99 and with my hot glue gun, went to town. Not having my sewing machine with me right now, I glued everything into place. You could do a nicer job sewing it, but this turned out quite handy too.
Give yourself some room to make sure the fabric is just right. Once that hot glue is on there...it's on there.
With the fronts down, glue two mats together. I just zig-zagged back and forth then laid a butter knife on the glue till it cooled. You might want a strip of fabric to lay down on the seam, but this worked just as well.
Then, with the right sides up, lay the third face up too, above the edge of the second one.

Then, sit your Kindle or tablet in place and measure how far up the "fold" of the place mat has to be. You may have to fold over the top edge either inside or outside for a matching look to get it right. Then glue the edges up and secure till it's cool. Don't be impatient. Kindles weigh more than you think. One minute too soon and it maybe one minute too late to save.

NOTE: Don't do what I did. I didn't measure it and it was too large for the Kindle to show and grab. I had to fold over the bottom 3" and glue. Not the affect I wanted, but if you "do as I said and not as I did"...yours will turn out nicer. PS: Works great for the remote, too!

I have seen these done with the idea of a paperback or TV remote for slipping between the mattress and box springs so I ran with that idea.

I can tell you that you have to either secure the other side to the table or make sure there is plenty of things on the table to hold it on. Otherwise your tablet/kindle will make it slide off.

Hope this helps!!
Suggested materials:
  • Thrift store place mats   (St. Vincents at 3/.99)
  • Hot glue gun   (Have at home.)
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