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By Brooke Ressell

You’ve been looking for the perfect house for months and you finally found it. The next few weeks fly by in a blur as you rush to turn in paperwork, sign documents, and move literally everything you own into your brand-new space. Now, you’re slowly unpacking each box and you realize that what your new home really needs is a little style.

So, you turn your attention to the family room and stare at the big blank wall in front of you. Of course, you know your TV needs to go somewhere on that wall, but you don’t want to just stare at a big black box all day long. You want your TV to be in a convenient location without being the most noticeable feature in the room. You really just need to find the right way to decorate around your TV so that it kind of fades out of focus a bit.

Don’t fret any longer. We will show you how to decorate around a TV with a few helpful tips so that your home feels both cozy and inviting while still being a space you can actually live in.

TV next to white shelves decorated with candles

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How to Decorate Around a TV Stand

If your TV is set on a piece of furniture like a media console or TV stand, there are ways to decorate around it so that the eyes are drawn to an attractive piece of furniture instead of a clunky TV. Here is some advice for how to decorate around a TV stand plus our top tips for hanging impactful decor around a TV.

Think About TV Stand Size

Choosing the right size TV stand for your TV is the first step in successfully decorating around a TV stand. If you go too small, the TV will look huge, and it will instantly become the main feature of that wall—which is not the look you’re going for.

On the other hand, if the TV stand is too large, it could also stick out simply because it looks disproportionate to the piece of furniture. To combat this problem, think of the TV stand itself as part of the overall decor of the room and choose a size that complements your TV instead of under or overwhelming it.

According to Modern Furniture Deals, here are the opportune measurements for your TV stand based on which room you're decorating:

  • Compact TV stands from 32 to 55 inches are great for small TVs in bedrooms.
  • Medium-sized TV stands or credenzas at 55 to 70 inches are ideal for your living room and big bedroom.
  • Large TV stands 70 inches and up work well in entertainment centers and spaces where you’ll have a large TV, like in basements, offices, and some living rooms.

Consider Storage Options

One of the biggest reasons for using a TV stand in the first place is that it provides additional storage. If you have a TV stand with doors and drawers that close, you'll be able to use it for storage in a way that's clean and tidy, since your storage items will be hidden.

On the other hand, there are TV stands and consoles that have open shelving. Open-shelved TV stands can also provide tons of storage and still be part of the overall decor on that wall. By choosing aesthetically-pleasing boxes and bins, your TV stand’s storage elements become part of the design as well. Or, you can choose to forgo storage capability altogether and stick to decor like picture frames, candles, and plants.

Hide Cords and Cable Boxes

You can spend weeks looking for the perfect TV stand, gorgeous artwork, and decor pieces you love, but if you have cords and cable boxes hanging around the TV, the area around the TV becomes an eyesore pretty quickly. Instead, look for ways to use the furniture and decor pieces you choose to hide these necessary (but unsightly) items. There are plenty of TV stand options that have holes to thread cords through for concealment. Or consider using tools like cord clips and zip ties to bundle cords and tuck them behind the TV stand.

Add in TV Stand Accessories

TV stand accessories are key to decorating the space around a TV. Just a few small decor pieces can really upgrade the space and make your TV far less noticeable. Look for items like books, plants, lanterns, vases, clocks, and picture frames to set on the furniture's shelves—they'll help your TV blend in without blocking your view of it.

Hang Wall Art

Wall art is another essential decor item you may need to successfully decorate around a TV stand. From gorgeous prints in ornate frames to baskets, plates, wood carvings, or animal tusks, there are so many wonderful options for using wall art to liven up the empty wall space around your TV.

When choosing wall art to hang around a TV, try to stick with neutral colors and patterns in the frames and prints so that when you are using the TV, your eye is less likely to wander. Also aim for symmetry around the TV to keep the scene looking tidy and balanced.

Implement Lighting

Adding some cool light fixtures around your TV is another way to jazz up the space around a TV stand. This can be done purely for aesthetic purposes or it can actually brighten up dimly lit areas in your room. Whatever the case may be, many lighting fixtures are decor pieces in their own right.

Reduce Eye Strain

Some people put LED light strips around the perimeter of the back of their TVs. Not only does this create a cool ambience, but it’s said to reduce eye strain.

Think About Floor Space

Don’t forget to take floor space into account when decorating around a TV stand. Adding matching planters or baskets on either side of the TV stand not only look great, but they also provide symmetry to the space. Maybe add an accent chair on one side of the stand if you’d like to make the area feel less media-focused and more conversational.

The main thing you want to remember when decorating around a TV stand is to surround yourself with items you love. When you do that, your living space will automatically feel warm and inviting for all who enter it.

wall-mounted TV with backlight against a slat wall

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How to Decorate Around a Wall-Mounted TV

Decorating around a wall-mounted TV doesn’t have to be any more challenging than decorating around a TV stand. In fact, you can decorate around a wall-mounted TV with many of the same decor pieces we discussed in the last section—just in a different way. These tips will also help you decorate around a big-screen TV that is hanging on the wall in your living space.

Hide Cords and Cable Boxes

When you are decorating around a wall-mounted TV, it’s even more important to conceal those ugly cords and cable boxes. There are several ways you can do this. For cords, you can actually drill into the wall and fish them behind the drywall or plaster, having them reappear near the outlet. Or, you can use a paintable cord cover to help them blend into the wall color better. As far as cable boxes go, these can be relocated to an entertainment center or shelf in the vicinity of the TV.

Play Up Mantles

If your TV is hanging above a mantle, it’s the perfect opportunity to add home decor pieces that dress it up without obscuring the TV. These items also help draw your eyes to things other than just the TV for when it's not on.

Utilize Built-Ins

If you have built-ins surrounding your wall-mounted TV, you have even more space to add decorations and artwork that you love. Use these built-in shelves to feature things like globes, scales, succulents, orbs, family photos, old suitcases, wooden crates, or inspirational quotes.

Here is where you can also stow things that you'd like near the TV, like a cable box or gaming console.

Try a TV Frame

Another interesting idea for decorating around a wall-mounted TV is to build a frame around it. This makes a great DIY project and helps you put your carpentry skills to the test. Whether you opt for a rustic wooden frame, a copper frame, a whitewashed frame, or a repurposed picture frame, a framed TV turns the device into a piece of art.

Turn On a Screensaver

YouTube is filled with hours-long screensavers to turn on while your TV sits idle, from snowfall forests to ocean waves to cackling fireplaces.

Think About Wall Color

TVs are typically black or dark silver, so a great way to make it blend into the wall better is to paint the wall a dark color like deep gray, black, or even a dark green or navy blue. This paint color can adorn the whole room or just act as an accent wall behind the TV.

Thoughtfully Hang Wall Art

Just like with decorating around a TV stand, you can hang carefully chosen wall art around a wall-mounted TV. There are tons of interesting prints and photography pieces that can make a big impact on the overall design of your room—not just the wall your TV is hanging on. Just be sure to keep the art semi-neutral. You’ll probably want to reserve your loud, colorful pieces for another wall, one that won’t detract from watching your favorite movie.

Use Lighting in Your Favor

Lastly, matching lighting fixtures provide balance and style when hung on both sides of a wall-mounted TV. Not only do they brighten up your space, but they also give it a more formal, well-designed look. Opt for matching floor lamps on either side of the TV, or sconces that add the perfect ambience when you’re relaxing in the evening.

Your options for decorating around a wall-mounted TV really are endless. The best place to start is to get some inspiration from photos that intrigue you then find similar decor pieces you love. In no time, the space around your wall-mounted TV will be styled to your liking and the whole room will feel comfortable and lived in.

Do you have any tips for decorating around a TV, whether it's on a TV stand or wall-mounted? Give us your decor tips in the comments below!

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