Dining Table Simply Redone.

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I had the opportunity to help a friend get his vacation rental put together And one of the things he needed was the get furniture put together. He had purchased this table for 50.00 but it was really incomplete. Someone had tried to dry brush with blue and white only And The legs were a contrastIng black. We found the chairs at a savage yard for 10.00 a piece Which was a steal for nice sturdy solid wood chairs. The dry brush top just needed some natural tones added to it and the legs and chairs got a chalk white matching finish.
the colors were incomplete and the black legs were to contrasting
nice sturdy wood chairs.
Just needed a good scrubbing.
Before picture
I had your basic plaid acrylic brown craft paint. I keep it on hand at my vacation rental for quick aging paint. I added to the existing table top with white dry brushing the table top.
My friend had flat white paint so I brought my drywall mud and mixed it with the white paint for a chalk finish.
we painted the chairs and legs with two coats of white. It dries fast and is super forgiving. Let me tell you my husband and his buddy are the worst painters! Had to sneak around them and blend some spots and get rid of drips.
I used watered down brown craft painted on top of white with paint brush gave it a minute and then whipped excesss.
Here is a close up after I added the craft paint brown and white dry brush
Finalized the whole top and chairs with a spray acryi clear finish.
really brighter up his kitchen area.
Suggested materials:
  • Second hand table   (Craigslist)
  • Chairs   (Savage yard)
  • Gallon of interior flat white paint   (Hardware store)
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