Easy Cabinet Flip.....sorta

I had 2 of these cabinets I picked up at a yard sale,they look okay in white,but when I put them in the room I intended them for,there was just white on white on white,so I simply had to do something.
When I opened the doors,I was shocked to see the crappy paint job in it's fullest.

First thing I had to do was sand all the globs out,then I did a quick cover coat in white.

I also noticed they had not bothered to do the underneath of either cabinet,which was very visible when you looked at them at an angle,so I went ahead and painted them as well.

I have no idea why they don't paint the entire thing over here,but it seems every single piece I acquire is like this.
Look at it....it's everywhere !!!
Can you believe this ?
Oh man...............................
Seriously ?
...oh for pete's sake...................................

After allowing them time to dry,I decided to distress them and think the end result is pretty darn good.

I painted the exterior panels in barn red then threw a light coat of stain on the top and around the door edges.

Am thinking I may also do this to the sides and legs,but leave the door trims white for contrast.
For now,I will see if they sell like this.

You never know.
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