How to Organize a Liquor Cabinet in A Cute Way

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I love the idea of a liquor cabinet, and having all of your alcohol in one place, but they can easily look messy and busy! I tend to think "less is more" with decor, and liquor cabinets usually have it alllll on display! My husband recently requested we turn my great-great-grandmother's cabinrt into a liquor cabinet, and instead of immediately saying no, I decided to go for it and try to make it cute! I took some photos along the way so that you too can have a beautiful looking liquor cabinet!

I started with all blank shelves in NY new liquor cabinet. Before I started putting the alcohol away, I cleaned the cabinet out! Dusted, polished the wood, and used windex (my absolute favorite cleaning product of all time) on the glass. I wanted it to be as clean as possible before starting this process!

On the bottom shelf, I decided to stack the tallest liquor bottles in order of tallest to shortest, from left to right. This way, the bottles are easily readable and grab-able!

Next, I started to stack the shorter bottles. I took bottles that were similar in shape, and put them on opposite sides. I wanted the front row to look balanced.

I filled in the front row with the rest of the similar shaped bottles in a balanced way.

The top row was easy - I again wanted a a balanced look up there! I took the visually "heaviest" things and put them on each side and started filling in where it made sense. The left side hosts simple syrup, bitters, ginger beer, and grenadine. The right side has some "DIY" Whiskey bottles, more bitters, and more ginger beer. The middle was filled in with some flavored syrup and a cute recipe book in the back. I'm so excited because I think this cabinet turned out to be so cute! It doesn't feel cluttered and it goes well with everything else in the room (in other words; I don't walk into my dinning room and endlessly stare at that cabinet because it's so busy). I hope these simple directions and photos helped, and I can't wait to hear how your liquor cabinets turn out!

Suggested materials:
  • Alcohol   (Various Stores)
  • Cabinet   (Great-Great Grandma)
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