Kitchen Table Redo - Part 1 - Granite Tiles

2 Materials
4 Hours
This tutorial is very late in coming. We bought a kitchen table from Kmart many years ago. The underside of the table says 2005 so that is probably when we got it. It was great for many years but then the top began to look shabby. I decided to top it with black granite tiles. The following pictures are of when I did this about 5 years ago.  I am hopeful to find my version on a computer somewhere someday. But, here is the best that I can recall from memory. I loved this table. It was a workhorse. It didn't stain and you could set pots and pans right on top. I miss it so much.  Kitchen Table Redo - Part 2 will be about replacing the granite tiles and how the substitute didn't work out and how my next plan didn't work out either. When best laid plans... go awry.
I first painted my table top black. It had been white. I laid out the granite tiles to determine how much extra space would be left around them. It ended up working out to put 2 rows of glass tiles at each end and 1 row of glass tiles on each side.
In this picture, I have just laid out the items to finalize before adding the adhesive. I made the decision not to grout in the granite tiles due to the weight factor. This way when I wanted to move the table I popped out the granite tiles and moved it. (The problem came when we were moving, some family members didn't know that if you pressed down on one corner, the tile popped up and you could remove it. They flipped the table upside down and several tiles broke when they hit the floor.)
I put down adhesive.
I put the glass tiles on top.
Finished all the way around.
I mixed up black grout the consistency of frosting or a thick batter. Do you see my supervisor in this picture? He is always checking out what I am doing...
I used a paint stick to put in on like frosting, catching pieces that fell with my sponge.
It was kind of fun and messy!
All grouted and ready to clean off with a damp sponge and a bucket of clean water.
This is the time consuming part.
Every time this haze appears, you wipe it away with clean water. It will come back, and back, and back...
This shows the area where I have cleaned away the haze but it still came back...
Super speedy here.

Suggested materials:
  • Granite Tiles   (Floors, Decor and More)
  • Glass Tiles   (Lowes)
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