What the Heck is a Shoe Cabinet ?????

So I see this listed on a buy sell page,and think it is a normal size,get there to pick it up,and top to bottom it is no more than 3 feet.
Good grief........what in the world will I do with this thing?
It is too low to the ground for one,and two...there is a door on the bottom that serves no purpose at all.
I got this back in March and here it is now the end of June,before an idea hits me.
Make it taller some how.
So I dig through my ever growing pile of junk and come up with a stool in horrible shape.
The top is splitting apart and I don't feel like making another one,so decided to combine the two.
As you can see,not much to this thing.

It did have red plastic handles that I tossed aside,and the door at the bottom was useless,so I removed and it and added it to the firewood pile.

I don't have a picture of the stool but suffice to say,it was burgandy,blue,green,yellow and white.......lots to get off in other words.

I got out my trusty heat gun and stripped them both,then sanded them down with 80 grit paper,then switched to 120 to get it nice and fine.

The wood on the cabinet wasn't too bad,but the stool had seen better days.

Unfortunately this piece clicked so I never got the during pictures,I just went hard at it for the day.

I painted both pieces white,inside out, top and bottom,used the heat gun in between coats so it ended up with a total of 3.

I flipped the cabinet over,laid the stool on it upside down,measured around the whole thing so it would sit squarely,then attached it to the cabinet using 6 screws.

Dug through the handles box but couldn't find anything good,then ran across some salad servers I had put aside.


Using the holes that were already in the drawers,I measured them at 3 inches apart,so ran out to Dave's shop,grabbed some scrap and cut it at 4 inches long.

Gave it a quick sand,then ran back up to the courtyard and attached the new handles to them,and then using some extra screws,attached them to the drawers.

I went in the house and dug through my basket collection,found what I was looking for,and placed it at the opening in the bottom.
Here is the end result,and have to say,it is unique as heck.
Only thing left to do is remove the fork and spoon,paint the wood spacers behind them white,reattach them,and am good to go.

I thought about distressing it,but am not sure.

What do you guys think of my creation ???
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  • Hannah V Hannah V on Jun 28, 2016
    I love it! Those pulls are the coolest!

  • Vickie Vickie on Jun 28, 2016
    love it and what a creative person you are!! I wish I could see the possibilities on my old stuff --- really really cute!

    • Toni Hunton Toni Hunton on Jun 28, 2016
      Thank you Vickie,not really creative,it took me a long time to envision this one,just came out of needing it to be taller