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When I (Steph) moved into my house, I had the good fortune of having a working, natural gas powered fireplace. It's pretty amazing to just flip a switch and have a fire!
Before using it, I had it inspected by a natural gas specialist. While in my home, he lit the pilot light. He said all was good- I just have to use it to keep it in working order. One thing I started to notice was the bottom grate only lit up halfway and there was something that looked like dryer lint (or something you would find in a litter box) in the fire box area.
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I did some research and found this material is called glowing embers. Glowing embers are a mixture of vermiculite and rock wool. It's used in LP and natural gas log fireplaces to restore newness and realism.
I ordered a box and gave it a try. I found it brought life back to the bottom of the fireplace. When placed on the bottom grate, it makes it look like real buring embers in a fire.
I removed the old glowing embers from the grate.
I added some new embers. Don't add too many, the flame needs room to come up through the embers.
When the flame hits the glowing embers, you get a really nice glow effect!
If you have a gas powered, vented fireplace, you might want to look into this product! It's not nessary to the working of the fireplace, but it sure adds a neat look.

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