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If you are like me, when you have a thought, it's best to get it written down quickly. And with a busy family it's nice to have a central spot where we can keep track of all the important appointments and tasks at hand. So I wanted to find something simple but functional, and when I couldn't find what I was looking for, I decided to make my own!
I went to the local dollar store and bought 3 white dry erase boards. Then I bought a collage picture frame that brought some dimension and variation to the piece. I got this one with room for 12 pictures for about $15.00 at Walmart. This could easily be painted and embellished to fit any décor.

I took the back of the collage, removed one of the glass pieces, and traced the shape on the back of the dry erase boards. I then cut them out. It wasn't too hard to do... but do be careful of the rough sharp edges.
Then I popped on the computer and found a colorful yearly calendar. With a little cutting and pasting and adjusting for size, I was able to create six sections, each featuring 2 months posted side by side.
I put the newly cut dry erase boards and the calendar pieces in the frame, and viola! One simple place where we can track appointments, messages, and even the occasional love notes!
Suggested materials:
  • 1 collage picture frame   ($15.00 Walmart)
  • 3 white dry erase boards   (#)
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