Whiteboard From Clipboard

I wanted to make a multi purpose board for chores and notes, and I was contemplating painting the kitchen door in chalkboard paint, but that WOULD be a discussion ending in divorse for sure, he, he... so I had to come up with something more "removable" and changeable depending on my needs, so I came up with this project!
I took an old clipboard I never used anyway.
I bought a roll of whiteboard contact paper(it even came with a marker!!)
And then I measured the clipboard and cut the contact paper to fit.
I found that it is easier pulling back the paper and adhere it a few centimetres at the time.
I made sure all the air bubbles came out, to make a smooth surface.
I first made a frame for each of the familymembers, fitting a post-it inside, so I can write the chores on them, and they can pull it off and throw it away when the chore is done! On the top I made a "Remember" section for messages( HUSK = REMEMBER in Norwegian)
Random fact: The whiteboard marker fit under the clasp on top of the clipboard! How about that!
I also have these pretty colored chalkboard markers I can use(gotta love those colors!!)
This weekend I erased the board to make it my "Dice-to-do"-list... what I do is I write all kinds of chores on post-its, and I put 6 of them up, and then I roll the dice to determine which one I should do. Some of the chores are too timeconsuming or just boring to want to even start, so I cut them down into micro chores, e.g. put away 5 things in the kitchen, put away 5 things from the floor, find 5 matching socks from the clean load etc. But I also include fun things, like spraying my next project and stuff like that. The things I finish I get to rip the post-it off and throw away, and then I replace it with the next thing on my pad. If it is one of those "5 things" note, it stays until I have hit it enough times to have finished it... As the major procrastinator I am, this really works for me! I even have a " rule" that I have to roll the dice each time I change the color when I do my adult coloring books... I know, I'm nuts, but at least I get some of the household chores done, and STILL have fun!!! ;-)
So, do you have a "fun" og quirky way to motivate you to do chores?!? Please do share!!!!
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 02, 2016
    What a great way to self motivate!!! I am def going to try this! Thank you for sharing!

    • Linn Andreassen Talge Linn Andreassen Talge on Feb 02, 2016
      @Hillela G. I have been using this dice trick for years, and it is the ONLY way I get those super boring chores done, like today: I put on the board to mount a rack of hangers up on the wall, I've had the rack for at least 6 months planning to do it someday... well, putting it on the board today made it just 3 rolls of the dice away, and now it is up! Took me less than 5 minutes to do, and it annoys me I didn't do it sooner...