Pot Rack for Cast Iron Pans

30 Minutes
We have a lot of cast iron pans that we use regularly and I hated stacking them under the cabinet. They were hard to get to and of course when you wanted a pan, it was the one on the bottom that you needed.
Our ceiling was not high enough for a hanging pot holder and our kitchen is SUPER small. The only space we had available was a small corner next to our pantry that was about 12x12 inches.
One day while in Goodwill, I saw this wire cd rack. It is 6" x 8" and 53" tall. I have no idea what the original purpose for this rack was supposed to be, but I immediately knew that I could use it for my cast iron pots and pans.

I love using shower rings for various projects and I knew they would come in handy with this project.
It works perfectly! We love it! We use this pot and pan holder all the time and it is very convenient. We put the pans and lids around it at specific points so that it is not too heavy on any one side. It is very steady though. My husband is going to secure it to the floor or to the wall just to be safer but other than that, it meets our needs and is compact enough for our small house.

We usually have additional pans near the top but they aren't shown in the pics. A bonus to this rack is that it also has moveable shelves. So I have been putting my husband's battery packs on the shelves. So they are nice and neat and out of the way and easily accessible.
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