Barn Rebuild 2

2 Materials
8 Months
2nd part of our barn rebuild
Tack room done now it needs doors that is next oh and an A.C. installed.
I decided on 2 small swing doors for tack room so as to keep isle way clear, and less worry of doors taking up isle space..... then more staining.. ugh... This is my last hurrah trying to make everything easier and better and more usable as I'm not getting any younger
Installing antique thread spools as blanket holders on outside of tack room
Blankets up.. and installed shovel,broom, rake and pick holders in between blankets. All nice, neat and tidy.
And the one thing not needed but could not resist.. a chandelier in the
TADA.. oops forgot the other wagon wheel..anyway .all new sheet metal on the Exterior.. and decorative flower beds.. still need to do something about the fan from outside something we can open and close for summer and winter.. and add sconces to outside .. and I forgot pics of feed area.. oh well you get the jist... well I am enjoying my barn almost don't want to come to the hope you enjoyed our large project till next time
Using Wash rack to clean up horses.. love it
Finally get to relax til next project.. the new fencing.. yikes
Peace to all and enjoy life We only have one. As my husband and I had this journey thru a lawsuit on our home,hurricane harvey, repair of flood damage to our home and then my breast cancer (that i am clear of) all in this 8 months we managed to keep going thru it all. God has Blessed us truly.
My granddaughter and my kill pen rescue gelding life is great.
Suggested materials:
  • Lumber,antiques   (Lowes..)
  • Love of life   (God)
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