DIY Upcycled Peanut Jars

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I love simple do it yourself projects.

Last weekend I was about to throw out two empty peanut containers.

Suddenly, I remembered that this was the year that I wanted to get a little more organized.

I've been organizing our home from top to bottom.

I decided to take these peanut containers and make little trash bins.

One for the main vehicle we use and the other for my nightstand.

Materials needed:

Two empty peanut container

Two sheets of crafting paper



Start off by removing the old label on your peanut containers

Next, you'll want to wrap your crafting paper around your container.

If you find that it does not completely cover the container, cut out a single strip to use later.

I found it easier to wrap my containers with my craft paper, and make the marks I needed before cutting it to size.

Tape your crafting paper to the container and then make necessary cuts to the paper using your scissors.

Once this is done, take the last piece of crafting paper that you cut out earlier and place it over the spot that you were unable to cover. Take some clear tape and apply it to the container.

Now this part is up to you, but you can keep the lid, or throw it out. I actually kept the lids for it. Especially for the one I'll be keeping in the car. I also added a few antibacterial wipe packs to the bottom of the container. It really comes in handy when you have children.

I purchased these tiny purple bags from Babies R Us a few years back. You can use any bags you choose, but you want to make sure they are small and will fit in your container.

You're all done!

I hope that you have enjoyed this simple way to upcycle that old container.


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Suggested materials:
  • Two peanut jars
  • Crafting paper   (Michaels)
  • Scissors
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