Patio Benches

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2 Hours
Learned a day prior that I had a Ladies Coffee to give for my small church group. Frantically went around house to freshen rooms up. Weather in Phoenix was condusive to use my front Patio. But it was bleak and bare. I had some old benches in garage. One I took from my daughter's trash. Cleaned them up. Used a little paint I had to touch up. Pulled out bits & pieces of fabrics. Went to Good Will and bought cheapest throw pillows they had for $1@. Altogether spent about $15. Had to sew
different fabrics together on some to make a case to cover. Looks even more creative! I used an end table I had in back yard. Placed a basket of flowers on it. Placed benches facing each other other for easy conversation. The ladies loved sitting outside for our coffee on
a beautiful day with these colorful benches! Other company have enjoyed my 2 hour makeover as well. Love to sew,so easy pizy!
Ladies Church Coffee Meeting gave me incentiv

Had an idea to spruce up my front Patio for a Ladies Church Coffee
Bench my daughter had in trashh
I looked around to see what I had on hand to decorate with. Had 2 old benches in garage,
some paint and bits and pieces of fabric to make throw pillows and bench cover
Old bench I had in garage
Needed pillows. Forms expensive in stores.
Good sWill had many shapes,sizes for a dollar!
Remenant of fabric I had from other projects
I laid out fabrics I had to coordinate. Measured what I needed for each pillow. Many have 2 different fabrics on them but look c
Made bench pillow & throw pillows
Placed benches facing each other. Put pillows on them. Used an ed table from back yard in
center and placed a basket of flowers on it.
Suggested materials:
  • Old benches   (Daughter's trash.)
  • Old benches, paint on hand, tenants of fabrics, cheapo throw pillows from Good Will.
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