Birdhouses Dress up a Plain Picket Fence

Cottage Gal Style
by Cottage Gal Style
Adding little painted birdhouses add great cottage style to a plain picket fence.
It is a unique way to decorate your yard for the summer and all your neighbors will be staring in awe of your creativity!
I used 9 little birdhouses on my 5 foot section of fencing. I didn't have a picket fence but I didn't let it stop me.

We used plastic ties to attach the picket fence to our chain-link gates but I thought it was still in need of something more.
Paint your little birdhouses in any color combinations you love and spray with clear coat to protect.
Using a staple gun, add a staple to the back of each birdhouse but don't let it go in all the way.

You need the space to slip in a plastic tie through.

Now you can wrap it around a fence picket and secure...easy as that!

Add the rest of your houses and admire your artistry!

Stop by the blog to see what else is in the front far.
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