Fairy Globe Light (Outdoor)

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15 Minutes
I wanted to add some interesting lighting to my backyard but I really couldn't find anything that I wanted in the home improvements stores. Then I thought a globe light! Its super fun and beautiful, it would work for a wedding, a patio, a porch, a garden or a deck.
I took a trip to Lowes to pick up two wire hanging planters, extender chain and some zip ties. I already had some left over outdoor Christmas lights from the holidays.
I removed the inner filling from the wire baskets.
I removed the chain that comes on the wire basket. They were super easy to remove. I put those aside for another project.
I put the two wire baskets together by placing one on top of the other.
I used the zip ties to attach the two baskets together. I used 8 all the way around where the two baskets come together.
After tightening the zip ties, I cut off the excess.
I put on the Christmas lights by winding it in every direction on the globe. I made sure to start by positioning the end of the light string at the very top. I will need to plug it in and I don't want that part in a random spot.
I attached the chain extender at the top of the globe to prepare it for hanging.
I used a zip tie to secure the end in place after winding the lights.
How beautiful is this fairy globe light! I can't wait to put it on my shepherd's stick in the back yard!
Suggested materials:
  • Wire plant basket   (Lowes)
  • 36" chain extension   (Lowes)
  • Outdoor LED Christmas lights   (CVS)
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