Fence Camouflage

3 Materials
8 Hours
Free camouflage for my fence- with branches and spray paint.
I live in a rental home, so that means not everything is new or functioning properly. The gate is held up by two plastic straps and it was just unsightly! The trees and vines needed cut back, so I decided to take care of it and kill two birds with one stone.
I ended up with five good sized piles of branches when all was said and done.
1. I cut the limbs from branches, bagged most of the limbs and used all the branches.
2. Then I wove them through the links on the fence.
3. At the gate I went horizontal and filled the gap as much as possible. I used a few spot ties, where needed, but the majority is woven securely through the fence.
4. Next I gathered some left over spray paint I had from other projects and sprayed the branches here and there, using four remnant cans.
The finished gate.
I'm happy with it! When the sun hits it, it kinda glows. I used turquoise, red, white and gray. The turquoise really shines in the light.
Suggested materials:
  • Tree branches   (All free!)
  • Zip ties
  • Spray paint
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