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When a devastating EF4 tornado hit our hometown of Mayfield, Kentucky, many homes and yards were destroyed. We were fortunate that our home was untouched, but our landscaping did suffer a bit. We loss a few smaller trees and one huge Tulip Poplar tree that was the 2nd support of a hanging hammock. However, when the tree uprooted and the only thing left was a 3' stump, we decided to have a little fun.

Here are some progressive pictures of our project. Hope you enjoy!

Huge Poplar Tree was uprooted.

The logs in the background were cut up from the fallen tree to make a fence. the stump that was left was about 3' tall.

Starting with a chain saw, my husband started cutting out the door and window areas.

Next, he cut boards from some of the garden rubble to make a roof.

We found an old piece of wrought iron lying around, so I painted it to use a little decoration. I also used my band saw to cut out a scalloped edge for the roof line.

Hinges and doorknob were added to the door along with wood trim above door and windows.

Here is the finished project. Our gnome home is very cozy along with our hammock and fire pit. It was a fun project!

Suggested materials:
  • Tree   (our yard)
  • Door knob and hinges   (hardware store)
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  • Diane Diane on Apr 02, 2022

    I absolutely love this. Did you make a little people garden village in side? I picked mine up at the dollar store, and there's usually up to 3 small things.

    I predict when people see this your going to be bombarded with requests to do one for them.

    Set a price 😁.

  • Yolanda Yolanda on Apr 02, 2022

    Have you had the stump sprout any little branches? It is so creative & really decorates your area in a unique way! I love it!

  • Gilberto Gilberto on Apr 03, 2022

    How long does it take to build

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  • Amy Amy on Apr 15, 2022

    Very beautiful,creative and adorable. I had to have all of my stumps removed due to them growing sprouts. I will try this with a log instead of the stump. Thanks you for sharing. You made a beautiful area out of a bad and sad situation.♥️😁👍

  • Anita Anita on Apr 15, 2022

    Thank you!