Lighted gazing ball

Julee S
by Julee S
This is my lighted gazing ball that I lovingly refer to as my "Fairyball". It's made from a standard gazing ball that can be purchased at most garden or craft centers and an old log we fished out of a river while camping. We let it dry for a year, then drilled a hole right up through the center and ran an extension cord up through the hole to plug the strand of lights into. Colored LED lights have been the best string of lights because they do not get hot inside the glass ball and burn out. Its on a timer and glows 365 days a year down in my shade garden.
My original beloved Fairyball.
This is where my Fairyball piece sits in one of my shade gardens. Its on the left of this photo.
Oh no! A deadly mishap! Had to replace it with a temporary one this morning.
This is the TOP of the hole that is drilled in the log with the strand of lights plugged into the extension cord that is fished up through the hole in the log.
Feeding the lights into the INSIDE of the gazing ball.
Lights all inserted into the INSIDE of the gazing ball. This is how the ball will sit in the crook of the log.
I tape the extension cord and the end of the strand of lights together with electrical tape so they cannot fall back through that long hole in the log! Helps keep any moisture out too.
This is how the gazing ball sits on the log. No glue necessary. it just rests in the crook with the stem in the hole. Now I'll take some moss and cover up the transition.
All finished until I find a new gazing ball...
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  • Violet Violet on Jan 07, 2021

    I totally LOVE this idea... now I will be looking for an old tree (trunk, branch ) like the one you used.. This would fit in my yard perfectly , as I love the look of nature with a bit of whimsy !!!

  • Acl51535842 Acl51535842 on Jun 30, 2021

    This a a Neat idea. Thank you for Sharing. I am going to make one for my Daughter as a Gift from me and her Children for her new backyard Deck. 🌺