Recycle Hanging Flower Pot Project.

2 Materials
1 Hour
I used a recycled juice bottle and large coffee creamer container as a hanging flower planter
Every thing you'll need for this project is on this little ladder!
Do you see the thing I used? Not much :)
First take the labels off the containers you will use. I did this over a dish towel. If you want to paint the containers, do so now. You don't need to paint the bottoms because you will be cutting a circle out from the bottom.
I used an old kitchen knife for cutting out the bottom of the containers. I have this trick- but make sure to keep your eye on it the whole time! Place the blade on your burner for about 3 minutes to heat up.
Using the heated up blade, I melt out the bottom of the plastic container. If the edges are jagged you can reheat the knife and smooth out the edges (it should melt like butter) This is not for kids to do!
Then fill the container with potting soil. (keep the caps for little plants) You can add moss to push in and keep plant in place. Water the plant and let it sit for three days so it can get some sun and grow a little. Then go back with your heated knife and cut a split into the plastic on the body of the bottle (as you see above) Then cut some wire to make a hook to hang your planter.
Now you can put your plant outside, you will see the plant will start to turn towards the sun. I use a moisture lock potting mix in all my planters.
This is the creamer container painted and embellished (by the grandkids) Because of the heat, I used E 600 clear glue. I let the kids put large butterfly stickers on this project in the past.
This is the V8 juice bottle, painted black and a little silver. What is not showing up well there is a Dragonfly decoration glued to the side of the bottle.
Every thing I used for this project is on this ladder The large doily was close pinned around the painted black  V8 jug then silver was painted on the doily . The kids pulled the doily away so fast I don't think the paint sat up to well so you could see the silver on black pattern. You will love seeing the plants turn to the sun. I saw A up side down planter in a pot at a grocery store one time IT was $39. It may be about $3 to 5 dollars to do these
Suggested materials:
  • Recycled V8 Jug and dry creamer jug .   (grocery store)
  • The jugs clearence little plants and good potting soil wire paint and embelishments   (Walmart)
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