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If you have an extract cabinets save them for this project. I have a patio and always dreamed to have a BBQ station. A place where i can store my outdoor dinnerware, towels, BBQ seasoning and knife and forks. So here what i did. When we bought the house last summer, i had an extra cabinets with it countertop that I didn’t know what to do with them. The house had a nice size deck patio, enough for a setting, dining and cooking. The ready outdoor kitchens are quite expensive so i came up with this upcycling. I installed the cabinet in the edge of the patio, protected with a cement sheet and placed the grill next to it. For more functionality, i fount in good will a Boucher block table with wheels that was perfect to move it where ever i need it.

not everybody has an extra cabinet in there houses. so i suggest to keep an eye on used ones on facebook marketplace or other buy and sell app. Or even if you buy new ones it’s always cheaper then purchasing the ready outdoor kitchens.

the whole idea, is to build your kitchen outside with the minimum budget.

I have lots of suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any question.


The plan is to create an outdoor kitchen right on the left of the door.

The cabinet was used as a bar station inside the house, i guess the previous owners had a mini fridge underneath. That’s why ill use it for the same purpose. We all need a refreshing drinks close by or even store the meat in it while cooking or grilling.

The cabinet had a counter top already. If you have only the cabinets, you can stack wood boards on the top or vinyl board cost 40 dollar a 4 feet board in Home Depot or Lowe’s.

The cement sheets prevent and protect the cabinet from the rain and cold weather. We got them from Lowe’s and that was the only thing i added to my cabinet.

We cut and trimmed the sheets to envelope the cabinets from the back where there is nothing as a protection. It’s easy to cut and to drill, exactly like a dry wall.

I had a left over of this outdoor paint, here it says for masonry and bricks that was perfect for me. But you can use any other exterior paint. If you like the chunky effect, add in every cup of paint 1 tablespoons of baking soda and you’ll get a thick, terracotta effect.

Ill post that in my next project.

It looks nice and clean, i added a metallic trim to the corner that i had from a previous project just for good looking nothing else.

Voila, the station is ready. I pulled out my countertop oven to heat my bread and croissant for breakfasts. I filled the cabinets with outdoor dishes and glasses. I'll bring even an extract coffee machine here for a hot coffee and co.

As you can see, i move the Boucher block table left and right Depending of the use.

I have a faucet behind the bbq so maybe ill add a small sink in there to wash hands or vegetables and fruit.

Since the grill has a single stove burner, i can now even cook or fry the smelly fish outdoor.

Love my new BBQ station. Now we spend all the day in the patio and enjoy every meal we prepare and share there.

Suggested materials:

  • Cabinet   (Used ones)
  • Cement sheet   (Lowe’s)
  • Outdoor paint   (Lowe’s)
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