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by DeeDee
2 Materials
2 Minutes
Yall its HOT here in Texas and we have flies so bad this year. Seems like they are invading us by droves...or would that be swarms? Anyway I have a DIY remedy for outside use.
According to Pinterest flies HATE pine-sol!  I decided to give this homemade repellent a try, never hurts to try huh?  It only costs me $2 for this experiment. I was at Walmart so I picked up the spray bottle for .97 cents and the "PineGlo" for .98 cents.  Cheap enough for an experiment.
This is a 50/50 mixture of pine-sol and water.  My spray bottle is marked clearly with 24 oz, but also says it holds 32 oz.  Anywho.....

Step 1:
I poured in the pineglo in to the 12 oz mark.
Step 2:
I added water to the 24 oz mark and then replaced the sprayer nozzle onto the bottle.
Step 3:
Mark your spray bottle accordingly so you know what you're spraying.
Step 4:
Spray the area outside that you will want to keep flies away from.

I sprayed all around the seating area on the patio and then sprayed the perimeter of the back door going into the house too.  Right away the flies were beginning to disappear.  I was impressed!  I'm not going to tell you that ALL the flies disappeared, because they didn't, but there were very few and it was a much more pleasant atmosphere to sit and enjoy our patio.

Please visit our blog for more tips to use this mixture for. Thanks for looking!
Suggested materials:
  • PineGlo   (Walmart)
  • Plastic Spray Bottle   (Walmart)
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  • Beverly Beverly on Oct 21, 2019

    How about gnats? Will it work on them. We have so many here in the south. Flys not so much

  • Cyn Cyn on Oct 21, 2019

    What can I used instead of pine-glo?

  • Donna Donna on Aug 14, 2022

    Do you think this mixture would be safe to use around a horse barn - not on the horses, but maybe in their stalls when they are turned out? Thank you, Donna.

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  • Whl47360099 Whl47360099 on Jul 17, 2019

    It work well here, very will in Sacramento Calif. Every time I start the grill to cook fly's come from every where. Spray this around and and maybe a few come around,but don't stay. Nice to sit in your back yard and eat. THANK YOU WORK GREAT !

    • DeeDee DeeDee on Jul 17, 2019

      Hi there! Thank you so much for the supportive report! :)

  • SoUncool SoUncool on Oct 14, 2019

    Anybody try this with yellow flies? We have a serious yellow fly problem from around March through June. These suckers seek out humans and pets too and have a vicious bite.

    • DeeDee DeeDee on Oct 14, 2019

      Hi there! I'm not sure, we just get the regular black house fly here. :)