Help: Mice Took Over my Garden!!!

I have 3 raised bed gardens and by the end of last season 1 was over run with mice ! They made what appears to be under ground tunnels throughout and got into all my veggies. How do I get rid of them ? I haven't begun prep for this years garden, actually discouraged about the whole thing and thinking about giving up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 08, 2017
    Are you sure they were mice and not voles?

  • LadySLBenz LadySLBenz on Mar 08, 2017
    Oh my ! I never heard of voles until you mentioned and I did further research ! They look simular so I bet you're right ! What a nightmare, any suggestions ? I don't even want to go near my garden now  Thank you for your response.

    • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 08, 2017
      As much as a nuisance it my be,perhaps look into container vegetable planting on a raised platform such as a deck.

  • S Barnhart S Barnhart on Mar 08, 2017
    Cats love to catch them and usually play with them until dead.

    • LadySLBenz LadySLBenz on Mar 09, 2017
      I actually just lost my 6 yo cat to kidney disease 2 months ago but she was an indoor cat due to heavy/fast traffic in my area. I thought about getting an outdoor cat but if something happened I'd never forgive myself. On the fence about it. Thanks for responding !

  • Carol Carol on Mar 08, 2017
    Could you line your raised beds with hardware cloth? This is like a heavy duty screening. It has another name but I don't remember what that is. Any hardware store will know what you mean. Also, how about setting a number of regular mouse traps around the area? Keep at it until they are gone.

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    • Carey Carey on Mar 15, 2017
      Also, In case you see one look at this site. Photo,Gopher,mole,vole

      I definitely have gophers. I have seen them after my dog catches them. She doesn't normally eat them I don't think, but then, I am not completely sure of that either.

    • LadySLBenz LadySLBenz on Mar 09, 2017
      Most helpful, thank you !!! Going to get some MoleMaxx and give it a try. Thanks for responding.

  • Delores Snellen Delores Snellen on Mar 12, 2017
    My cats catch them and mice both They go out in the daytime and come in at night (we have coyotes here too-why they come in at night)

  • Linda Damschroder Linda Damschroder on Mar 12, 2017
    I was going to say it was mice they hate peppermint so you could grow a peppermint plant but if its moles which they do dig up your yard thats different and I am sure by now you already know what to do.

  • LadySLBenz LadySLBenz on Mar 12, 2017
    I'm definitely going to plant some peppermint ! Anything to keep critters away and I love peppermint. Thank-you so much

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Jun 03, 2021

    Hi there, you can treat the pallets with eucalyptus oil or throw a few eucalyptus branches with leaves in your raised beds.