Mouse proofing a shed

I want to know how to seal a shed from mice. I can purchase one like this, but it too expensive. I'm really hoping someone on Hometalk can help me with this. I will need exact direcrtions. Can anyone help me with this?
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  • Jessina Van Datta Jessina Van Datta on Dec 29, 2013
    A mouse can squeeze into any hole or crack the size of a dime. Make sure you have no openings this size to the outside from within and it should eliminate the mouse issue.

  • Sharolyn T Sharolyn T on Dec 29, 2013
    There are several ways to mouse proof a building. You don't say what your building is made of so I assume it is wood. Steel wool pressed into holes will stop a mouse and if the hole is large, flatten a tin/vegetable can and nail over the hole, or use the cut out end over the hole. Our country home was not mouse proof when we moved in and I have done these and also cut pieces of wood and nailed/glued them over the hole. Realize tho, that a mouse will or can chew thru wood if given a chance so super thin pieces won't deter mice for long. Hope this helps.

  • Letty Letty on Dec 29, 2013
    I have heard and read that spraying peppermint oil, putting mothballs, or sprinkling pepper flakes deters mice from entering. Also, disturbing their nests makes them leave. Constantly be moving things around and remove any nests. They get tired of rebuilding.

  • Waysouth Waysouth on Dec 29, 2013
    smells don't put them off! You simply must not let them in, as mentioned, no gap seems too small! Glue fly screen material over all vents, fill all cracks and cavities with that expanding foam, seal all joins of, well, everything! Steel wool doesn't work for very long, they push or pull it out of the way. Seal, seal ,seal, They may not have such grim determination to break in to a place if there is no food for them.

  • Freda Freda on Dec 29, 2013
    Thank you. I will consider this option.

  • Freda Freda on Dec 29, 2013
    I live in a very rural area. The filling of cracks with foam doesn't work. So far, they have eaten through or moved everything I have used. I know there must be a way to mouse proof a wood or metal shed because it can be purchased that way...........just very expensive to purchase such a shed.

  • Freda Freda on Dec 29, 2013
    I should have mentioned that the shed must be mouse proof BEFORE anything is put into it. Mothballs have never kept out mice in my home; but they do keep out snakes. Living in a very rural area doesn't help.

  • Freda Freda on Dec 29, 2013
    Thank you for all this advice. I have used several of these ideas with no real results. As for the vegetable can over the hole, they will eat around that. For my home, I have electronics to keep them from coming inside. I need a mouse proof shed for my daughter to put her things into. The things are now up north in a mouse proof storage unit.

  • Michelle Michelle on Dec 31, 2013
    I had problems for years, I put rat poison in the corners where there were openings and no mice since.

  • Patti Lemaire Patti Lemaire on Dec 31, 2013
    get a good cat....I'm not kidding. We have never had a mouse even though everyone around us complains that they do in their sheds or basement but we have a cat and they ask to borrow her to put in the basement or shed for a day or so.

  • Karon Nelson Roberts Karon Nelson Roberts on Dec 31, 2013
    Cat!! and use Outdoor Calk around the building--flooring, corners, ceiling, EVERYWHERE. I did mine that way and have not had mice or snakes. Also, put Mothballs under it(mine is off the ground about a foot) and one or two inside(a just in case of ants) Good luck

  • Jill Jill on Dec 31, 2013
    I also recommend a cat. When I moved into my home ten years ago the neighborhood was rampant with them. I bought a cat and let him outside at his whim, just bringing him in late at night so coyotes didn't get him. To this day our yard and area are pretty much free of mice. The only problem we had was him bringing them dead into our home as a gift. Another thing we did around our shed is if there are any holes for electrical and stuff, we patch them with rubber stoppers and construction adhesive. Simply buy a stopper big enough for the whole, cut halfway up the middle and make a small opening for the electrical wires for lighting and stuff. Glue it down with construction adhesive and let dry a day or two before installing/reinstalling the lights and what not.

  • Freda Freda on Dec 31, 2013
    I have cats inside/outside and 10 outside cats. Obviously, that isn't my answer, but thank you very much.

    • Patti Lemaire Patti Lemaire on Jan 02, 2014
      If you have cats and mice....your feeding your cats to much. I still say a good cat is your answer.

  • Freda Freda on Dec 31, 2013
    I am searching for a sealing product that will keep out mice.

  • Freda Freda on Dec 31, 2013
    I need a sealer. I have cats that the rat poison would kill. Thanks anyway.

  • Freda Freda on Dec 31, 2013
    Thank you for the suggestions but this doesn't answer my question because I am searching for a type of sealer to seal the mice out.

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    • Jill Jill on Jan 02, 2014
      @Freda You can purchase them at any Home Depot, Lowes, or any hardware store that has building supplies. They usually can be found in the building materials or paint dept. Comes in a spray can that has a plastic straw like device to put on the can and use to get in the cracks. I don't know any brand names off hand, but I think if you go to their website and type in spray foam it will show up along with the price. This one here claims to keep out pests too. Good Luck and I hope this fixes your problem.

  • Freda Freda on Jan 01, 2014
    I need a clarification about a response. Needing the name of a spray foam and where to purchase it.

    • Jill Jill on Jan 02, 2014
      @Freda I put a link with the spray and where I saw it in the post above. Just click on it and it will tell you the brand name of the product. You can even order it online if you can't find it in your local stores.

  • Freda Freda on Jan 02, 2014
    Jill, I thank you very much!!! Now, I can get this shed built and get it mouse proofed so my daughter can get her stuff out of storage up north!! Thanks again!!!

  • Freda Freda on Jan 06, 2014
    Thanks to Jill from Riverside, CA, I believe I have all the information I need to mouse proof a shed. Thanks so much!!!!

  • Sharon Russell Sharon Russell on Feb 18, 2015
    Once you get it sealed, my suggestion is to add Bounce dryer sheets around in your shed, just in case. We have several old cars stored in an old metal quonset. Mice occasionally get in. They have stayed out of the old cars ever since we started placing the sheets on the floors and the seats of the cars. Also add one to the top of a cardboard box before you fold the flaps over. Mice are sneaky and quick.

  • Nancy katzbeck Nancy katzbeck on Feb 18, 2015
    can you nail on or use some kind orf adhesive caulk to attach a 6inch metal flashing along the perimeter? It's sold in the roofing section . It comes in rolls and is not very expensive and cuts easily with a metal snipper.

    • DORLIS DORLIS on Aug 22, 2015
      @Nancy katzbeck you need to run the flashing at least 6" under the dirt around the shed or they will go under it and into the house

  • *JoAnne. Cooper *JoAnne. Cooper on Mar 11, 2015
    Steel wool stuffed into the cracks and holes

  • Elaine Killingsworth Elaine Killingsworth on May 03, 2015
    There is a sealer, a urethane spray foam sealer, in a can, easy to use but hard to destroy. Once this has dried in place, the rats will not chew their way in. I used it in my garage to seal the cracks for weather proofing and to keep rodents out. It works well for both. Ask your hardware salesman, he'll know what it is.

    • B. Enne B. Enne on Jun 04, 2015
      @Elaine Killingsworth Maybe a combination of hardware cloth with foam too.

  • Belinda Patrick Belinda Patrick on May 04, 2015
    I've used oil of peppermint (not the cooking kind) & soaked cotton balls. Put cotton balls (1 ea) in every corner & at door. Can put under shed & most mice will leave as they don't like the smell of peppermint. Plus it makes it smell so good. Can even do in house & attic - just put on sm saucer so oil doesn't stain anything. Not harmful to animals.

  • Ryan Ryan on Jul 19, 2015
    Add a cat:)

  • Ren Ren on Oct 26, 2015
    I use moth balls all long the floor edge.

  • Allergic To Bullshyt Allergic To Bullshyt on Dec 01, 2017
    use caulk this kind called qaud its very good for sealing just as a precaution I would paint over it once it dries