Bullfrog Spas’ Energy Efficient Technology Has Earth’s Back, Too!

As Earth Day nears (April 22), Long Island Hot Tub is delighted to remind you that your favorite form of relaxation —hot tubbing — is something you don’t have to feel guilty about. Relaxing in a Bullfrog Spa’s healthful waters — underneath Earth’s beautiful skies — does not require much energy. Talk about a win-win for you and Planet Earth.
How Do We Know This?
Data pulled together by the US Energy Information Administration and the California Energy Commission has determined that Bullfrog Spa technology offers the most energy efficiency in their class.
Why? Well, Bullfrog Spas uses 90 percent less plumbing in their hot tub design primarily because of their patented JetPak massage systems. The required plumbing for these jets is included within each JetPak, so the hot tub unit itself isn’t encumbered with extra plumbing to move the massage jet water.
This means that because the whole unit is installed with less plumbing, less friction is caused when operating overall, requiring less energy to move water into and through the jets.
There’s more involved in a Bullfrog Spa’s energy efficiency. Their models have a “full-foam” design that completely insulates the spa, preventing heat escape. This energy-efficient foam used throughout the structure’s spa interior means locking in more heat. With very little heat escaping to the outside air, energy costs are reduced and there’s less impact on the environment.
Plumbing Inside a Bullfrog Spa:
Most of the system that delivers the water in the spa is contained within the proprietary H2Air Manifold on the JetPak, which is submerged in the hot water. Therefore the heat from the JetPak’s modular seat is transported directly into the hot tub water and is not lost to the colder weather outside. Great idea, yes?
Infrared Heat Map of Bullfrog Spa:
The insulating foam used by Bullfrog contains the heat within so that very little is lost to colder outside air.
Hypnotic Rythmic Massage JetPak:
Bullfrog offers 16 different JetPaks. You can exchange one for another within seconds. This particular Hypnotic Rythmic Massage has 6 rotating dual-pulse jets that are aligned to provide ideal pressure to points on your back. You can hear the ahhhhh’s already can’t you?
Making Life a Beach:
Whatever your vista is when soaking in your Bullfrog Spa, be it a potted plant, screen door, or a beautiful water vista, it’s a comfort knowing that Bullfrog Spas’ quality construction and energy efficiency has Earth’s back as well as your own.
This short video highlights why Bullfrog Spas are so energy efficient.
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