First pond ever...

This is my first the beginning from the first photo. April 2009..I will rebuild in a different place w/ concrete..lesson learned. I miss her. An earthquake destroyed it in 2011...But I will rebuild early fall.
Sam our first fish. We lost a few and I'm sure some oversized frogs got them. Started out with 14, Sam was the biggest so I know now to get larger ones. About 6" so far. Likes to be hand fed and waiting when she sees us.
First at start of pond 2009
Same pond just bigger. Stucture was 4 1/2 feet tall and wrapped around the end with the 4 cascading tiers. Here is a pic of the finish in August 2011. The natural rock came from our ground from making flower beds and grading out our own driveway that was paved. We are on a rock vein here. Every shovel was a rock. Digging bar was our best friend. Unfortunately the earthquake collapsed it in August. Glad I had pics to remember it. It took a year and half to get all this rock from the ground and continuously add to it. I still have all of it and thinking I may just do another one in the back yard.
After Earthquake
What was left at the end of a 5.8 earthquake. Sad and really miss it but I will rebuild. All removed now.
Replacement pond, which I posted just 2 days ago in another post about my flagstone patio and flagstone pond project. I have to admit the maintaining is a little easier. But plans to do another tiered pond is in the works.
photo with landscape
Water gardens today. 6/26/13
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