Fun, beautiful and safe for kids...think pondless waterfall and stream

2 Weeks
This family has 3 very young children. They wanted a pool but did not feel comfortable with the safety of a pool with their young children. They decided on a fun, beautiful safe pondless waterfall and stream. The word "pondless" means that the reservoir for the water is underground where it is safe. The 4' high by 8' wide waterfall spills into a large landing area, and then travels down a narrow stream, around side of a lounging patio, and disappears behind evergreens into our pondless reservoir. This water feature gets winterized in December and starts up again in March. Every spring we come in to spruce up the plantings, adding perennials, annuals and mulch.
4' waterfall spilling into the landing area at the top of the stream.
Pondless stream meanders though the landscaping
Water spills over rocks and it makes it's journey to the pondless
Waterfall and stream are viewed from this patio lounging space.
Water trickles through the the river gravel. A lot of attention is paid to the stream edges to make them look real.
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  • Sherry Benson-Dorner Sherry Benson-Dorner on Mar 07, 2016
    Is the water on a cycle (pulled from the bottom back to the top) or is it naturally fed from a spring?
  • Colleen Colleen on May 18, 2016
    How can I create this in my yard? On a smaller scale on a budget.?
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