Garden and pond from old home, digging all up to take to new home

Tried posting these last night and lost all of them so will post again and not so many at one time...........decided to dig things up and bring pond to new home....hope u enjoy, was a lot of work but was worth it to me
pond before dismantling
stepping stone painted, One Stroke Painting class...Donna Dewberry
made this in One Stroke Painting class, flower pots
looking bare
rose area
rose area w arbors gone and some roses
froggies watching over everything, I collect frogs in garden
garden looking bare
concrete from dog pen, miss this for sure
tearing pond apart, rocks in, tired......
sitting on job, dismantling pond, means a lot to me, I made this six weeks after my cancer operation and carried every rock and placed them
pond dismantled
all gone, pond done.....looks bare
time to play with Ginger, house looks bare
all plants u c are from old home and brought to new home
c my froggies
bench arbors, 3....vine brought from old home
garden items in new home, fenced yard for doggies
nice view of wild rose and climbing hydrag.
brought some fern, it is different, very pretty
nice view into yard from the garden
hostas dug up, all plants u c were dug up, tired yet
bought this plant on a garden walk, one is 5 yrs. old, do not know what it is, never seen it before
digging up some
ready to transport
our back yard w grasses, brought some to new home
end of season, flowers gone on rose bush
nice view, pond gone
arbor & rose area
digging up roses, arbors gone
inside garden shed
get ready, these r all the plants from our home...told u I was busy!
looks like I have my own nursery
garden stuff at back of house from home, lots huh
decided to use dog pen for shed, covered w tarp top & sides for winter, no storage here
more plants brought
three bench arbors set in new yard in horseshoe w roses on each side, next spring will do a walkway w blocks from new garden and pond area
c the vine I brought with the one from the front of the house, dug it up and transported it in a bucket w arbor attached....haha
new home for white arbor w gate and we put up fence on each side to back of house at our duplex, landlord is very forgiving with us for sure
plants brought from home and put in our old pool from dogs til planted this past spring
all plants brought from home, my own nursery for sure, wow tired yet.....haha
so many plants brought here, yeah
roses brought, more plants and some of my driftwood
here is that plant I have no idea what it is....mayb Douglas can tell me later, huge leaves
just love this fern, was given to me and never saw it anywhere, do not know the name of it...another I bet Douglas can tell me what it is
transported my hibiscus, it grew beautiful here this spring, pics have been posted in one of the posts here and at the home site
planting of roses in new home by bench arbors
plants from home behind house here holding to b planted
roses brought
one type of Coreopsis, small and was able to get the whole bunch, yeah.....
nice pic of big Coreopsis that was planted behind pond, put in a pot to b planted behind new pond, did great and so big and tall
look how pretty this was, cutting down
starting to cut back wild rose hoo, c middle of garden
starting to look bare on the sides and inside
had to look back and post how beautiful this was
just look at this, I do not know how I ever had the nerve to cut it down......actually tried to take it but did not work, too old to dig up, think this was dug from the wild small
dug this up where we take the dogs hunting and put a small snip on each side to start and trained it.....will have another
ok, back to trimming, oh my, look at all I trimmed off in the middle of the garden, wow
trimming and getting near the top, cannot reach top so will take down and do it on the ground, all by myself so was a little hard to do
look at this pile, it looks like it is growning from the ground for sure but this is not, it is the pile I trimmed off from sides and some top I could reach...all in the middle of the garden
closer view of the flowers, they were so pretty
ok, looks empty for sure, arbor down and going to trim all off
ok all, here is the spot, garden looks so empty w arbor gone and wild rose bush and do not forget the pond that was here too where dirt is......
got arbor in car and pups too with plants to go to new home
able to get snips of the climbing hydrag. and brought that on each side, mayb it will come back, if not vine is for new post of new garden and pond.......hope all was enjoyed
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  • Kelly S Kelly S on May 19, 2013
    Be sure to post pics of the "new" garden area. It's sad that you have to take the old one apart but a good thing you can take some of ot with you.

  • Sharon B Sharon B on May 21, 2013
    @Kelly S I have posted our new garden and water falls and pond we did last summer here at our duplex, check them out on my posts, look for a cherry timber garden and round pond, etc....