Our Garden-Reflecting Pond

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Removing the sod. Here are some "specs" on the finished pond. . . Pond size is approximately 25 x 50 foot (a little less, since that is the total size of the rubber liner that extends beyond the actual pond), maximum depth is 3 feet, minimum depth is 18 inches, 1/2 hp sump pump (pond pumps were at least three times the money of a sump pump), Not sure on the gallons. It is maintaining it's depth much better than we anticipated. We "top it off" with 2-3" of water from our well every couple of weeks. So far, no filter is being used, but the water is constantly moving with the sump pump. We'll see if we need a filter in the long run. The water remains very clean and clear at this point.
Beginning of "DAY 1" Removing the sod was the first step
Step 2: "Shooting in" the levels and shaping the hole, placing dirt in a slight "dish" around the pond.
Step 3: Placing "recycled carpet pieces" down for a "cushion" for the rubber liner.
Step 4: Unrolling and arranging the rubber liner.
Step 5: Bringing rubber liner up to the top of the "dish edges" of the area.
Step 6: DON'T SKIP THIS STEP!!!! ;) My husband using his inhaler.
Step 7: Bringing in and spreading a layer of 1-1/2" smooth rock to protect the liner. End of "DAY 1"
Beginning of "DAY 2" Step 8: Building a bridge to the little "farmhouse" (playhouse).
Bridge complete.
Step 9: Fill pond with water.
Step 9: Fill pond with water. Mulch will be added as a final step to cover the rubber liner edges and to help "naturalize" the edge of the pond.
Step 10: Add a pump to move the water and keep the pond clean.
Name your pond. "Snoosebox Lake"
Decorate your pond . . . "wooden fish" for "Cookie".
Add lighting behind pond for evenings. Frogs have come and added a beautiful "chorus" to the evenings. ;)

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Suggested materials:
  • Water Pump for Pond   (Amazon)
  • Koolscapes 270 Gallon Pond Kit with Lighting   (Amazon)
  • Floating Solar Water Lily For Pond Or Pool   (Amazon)
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  • Yvonne Mcewen Yvonne Mcewen on Oct 29, 2017
    This project has been in my plans for a couple of years now. Next summer this will be in my backyard. Yours is amazingly awesome, I love it!
    Thanks for the info you provided.

  • Sabrina's Organizing Sabrina's Organizing on Nov 06, 2017
    Wow, that is beautiful! I would love that in my backyard. =)