Pond Makeover in Bedford Hills, NY

Tom Dieck (owner of Aquascapes East) heard that his friend Bill Bradsell was taking his family on vacation soon. Bill was taking his family on a Central American adventure in the jungles of Costa Rica. Bill, owner of Bradsell Painting and carpentry in Bedford, NY, was also a client of Tom's. When Tom first started installing water features he put a pond in for Bill and his family that they have enjoyed ever since. As years passed Tom's water feature building skills improved. Each visit to the Bradsell residence afforded Tom the chance to critique his own work. Their upcoming family vacation gave Tom an idea. Once the Bradsells were on their way to paradise Tom's secret plan was put into action. He was going to surprise them by bringing in Aquascapes East for a complete renovation of this water feature.
It all started with an elephant. That's right, an elephant! The original pond was created around this elephant statue. It stood in a marshy area and looked like it was wading through the grass.
The crew disassembles the old pond and stream, removing all of the rocks and gravel to be cleaned. Most of these materials would be re-used in the new construction.
The stream would get removed. 85% of all rock boulders in the pond would also be removed. Only the pond liner would stay in place. Even the pachyderm was sent packing.
Antonio breaks the news of the big move to his new friend.
The old waterfall filter was a bit undersized for the pond. So this feature got a serious upgrade. This new wetland filtration system will keep the water clean and clear while cutting down on maintenance significantly
Jimmy and Antonio at work blending the new wetland and waterfalls into the old structure of the pond.
Alvero brings in Large character boulders with the the mini track loader. These boulders require a lot more work but they lend so much natural effect to the landscape that they are well worth the struggle.
An old friend emerges from the woods. The elephant statue is tucked into the landscaping and appears to be leaving the protection of the forest to approach the new wetland watering hole. Plumbed with its own remote operated pump it sprays water out of its trunk at the press of a button.
Discussing the placement of the new slate stacked urn fountain.
What this family saw when they got home from vacation...what a surprise!
Check out this fish cave built into the side of a shallow shelf. Fish caves are great places for fish to hide when they feel threatened. A little blue dye in the water prevents algae growth until the new ecosystem gets up to speed.
Coming home to this backyard, it's like the vacation never ended!
Bill and his company have also done work for Tom in his home. If you are in need of a creative and efficient painting or carpentry contractor we highly recommend visiting their website found at http://www.bradselpc.com
Aquascape Designs Inc. certifies contractors all across the United States. Aquascapes East is one of the very few MASTER CERTIFIED AQUASCAPE CONTRACTORS. Visit this you tube video to learn more about what it means to be certified- https://youtu.be/eS2DQPYMiYQ
Aquascapes East is a full service water feature contractor. Providing consultation, installation and maintenance for all types of water features is all they do.
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