Redoing a Front Porch

After doing the back of our house the previous year, we decided to do our front porch in 2014. This is phase 2 of our 6 (maybe 7) phase exterior renovation. We do 1-2 phases per year so we have the winter to save up for the next phase.
My ugly porch
First I took a hammer and smacked off the broken thin coat on the sides of the concrete...which was actually a lot of fun!
I decided to try a technique called Water Staining on the concrete. You have to do an acid wash as prep then neutralize with a baking soda rinse. Once dry and you've taped off the area, you spray on the color(s) you've chosen.
I gave up trying to protect the siding etc because I knew they were being replaced.
Don't forget the sides!
After its dried for a few hours you seal it. I would suggest hiring someone to clear coat it. It needs to be very thin and unless you've got a proper sprayer and experience, you're going to put it on too thick!
Since this only needs to last a few years because I'm replacing the walkway and will redo the concrete eventually, it's good enough for now and I'm happy to not have ugly grey concrete.
It was also made a lot easier by taking all the railings off first!
While Mark was "fixing" my sealing job, I painted all the wood for the porch. I painted the railings, handrails, posts, balusters, brackets and the cap and finial.
Brackets and Flat Sawn Balusters
The balusters and brackets are from Olympia Washington and the cap and finial are from Fargo, North Dakota
Now it's all coming together!
Because we wanted to do the siding and front door at the same time, it would have to wait until the following year. If we would have a funny looking house for a bit we decided to put in the front garden and trees to make it bearable..but that's another story..
To see the siding project, click the link below

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  • Emily Emily on Nov 29, 2016
    What is the name of the store where you got the balusters and brackets in Olympia Washington? I am looking for something unique and different. Thank you.

  • Jane Jane on Nov 29, 2016
    Could you give me the name of the store where you got the brackets?


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