1930's Vintage Radio Cabinet Redo

I was stalking craigslist antique's section (as usual) when I happened along this gem! A 1930's radio cabinet for a whopping $40.00! It was in rough shape but I put my big girl pants (no really my paint'in pants) on and got to work! It came with some really neat history on the bottom that I just could not paint over. Looks like a soldier sent it home from Europe to his wife. I also found the custom tags on the bottom. See below for details. I even tried to find the soldier. I think I found his name I think he fought in WWI. I fell in love with this piece even more.
The radio is gone inside (darn) it has shelves installed in it's place. The doors no longer slide open and the previous owner had made them swing open. The handles were broken.
Here is the coolest part on the bottom was a soldier that had it sent home to his wife. I found the customs tags stapled to the bottom. I him up online and I think he fought in WWI! I could not bare to paint over the bottom. I love the history in old pieces.
The previous owner added a shelf where the radio must have been.
I painted it black first with satin black spray paint. After it dried I painted it out with vintage white chalk paint and water distressed it by wiping off the edges with a damp rag. I drilled holes for new glass handles and added backplates from hobby lobby.
I love the details on this piece. It's gorgeous.
It's a great addition to my guest room (girl cave). My TV fits it perfectly with room for guests to put a few of their things in it too. I love the feet. So adorable. $40.00 + $10.00 in paint + $16.00 for new handles/backplates = $66.00 WOW! For this gorgeous piece of history I am one lucky gal :)
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